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Tim Nevell Tour Guide and PhotographerWelcome to my Bio & ‘through the lens megapixel’ view of the natural world. Day to day I am a Technical Director with an ethos of consistency through process, this works for my professional life, photography is no different. Dreaming of my next composition & adventure is never far from my mind.

Careful planning of each composition, each trip, each adventure, each route and each weather pattern is all par for the course with me! As long as I am pushing the boundaries of life I am happy, just ask my best friend and soul mate! (My Wife).

I am self-taught and have been featured in numerous magazines from Digital Photo, Practical Photography, Digital SLR Photography & winner of various competitions including Great British Life. I regularly feature on the front page of 500px and can be followed on Instagram, Facebook, 500px and www.timnevell.com.

My current project has spanned the last year and is completely focussed on capturing stills & 4k footage from above.

This, however has to be fitted in between regular visits to the most epic, extreme, accessible and beautiful Island on this planet. . . ICELAND

So why Extreme Light Photo Tours. . . Well it is simple, Iceland always delivers something different, and as Buddha once said. . ‘The trouble is, you think you have time’. So join us for the next unplanned ‘planned’ journey of Extreme Light Iceland, and tap into your creative mind & spirit with likeminded people. . .



Tim Nevell Bio Iceland Vik
Tim Nevell Bio Paxhill Park
Tim Nevell Bio Bluebell Woods
Tim Nevell Bio Death Valley
Tim Nevell Bio Iceland Jökulsárlón