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Paul Duvall Tour Guide and PhotographerHi! I’m Paul Duvall.

I live right on the doorstep of the beautiful South Downs in Sussex, just a stone’s throw from the coast.

Ever since I can remember I have always been fascinated with wild places. As a young lad, my dad would always take me out into the woods or across the downs and impart on me his never ending knowledge of the natural world, teaching me the importance of protecting and cherishing it.

I see incredible beauty in nature, I am connected to it, and I do my best to perform this in my imagery. I want my viewers to feel the majesty, energy and mysticism I feel when I’m shooting on location. My passion is infectious and my aim is simply to share these experiences with like minded souls. I’m also a bit of a cheeky chappie so your guaranteed a laugh along the way.

I am completely self-taught. I have been published in numerous magazines such as ‘Digital Photo Magazine’ and ‘Light and Landscape’ and regularly have my work showcased on the front page of 500px.com. For a complete overview of my portfolio please visit www.paulduvallphotography.co.uk

After years of taking family ‘photography holidays’ (as my very forgiving Wife has labelled them) my buddy Tim and I decided to turn our dreams into reality and Extremelight Photo Tours Ltd was born. Of all the locations I have visited and the photographs I have accumulated over the years, my Icelandic adventures are the most unforgettable. Iceland is a magical place and I have never been quite as humbled as the first time I saw the Aurora Borealis. Our ultimate goal is to chase great light, extreme light, and put smiles on faces!!!

We hope to see you soon.


Mobile: 07815 088537

Paul Duvall Iceland Tour Guide Ice Cave
Paul Duvall Iceland a Bison Burial
Paul Duvall Iceland Tour Guide Island
Paul Duvall Iceland Diamond Beach
Paul Duvall Iceland Tour Guide Northern Lights