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Iceland Autumn Aurora Photography Tour 2016
Location: Iceland
Price: From £1,250 pp
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Autumn in Iceland is like Scotland on steroids, the landscape is transformed into magical autumn colours, mixed with lakes, waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, and steaming geothermal areas to boot. The added bonus is that it is also possible to witness the ‘Aurora Borealis’ at this time of year, in fact the chances are better than in the height of winter because the weather is more stable at this time of year.

Our days will have been carefully planned around the requirements of the group so that everyone gets out of the trip what they want, we are very proactive in reacting to the various weather conditions of the island and we guarantee to get you amongst the best conditions, we do put in a lot of mileage on this trip to cover as much ground as possible in the short time we have, this enables us to have a wide portfolio of images during the tour.

Iceland Photography Tour Vatnajokull
Iceland Photography Tour Myvatn
Iceland Photography Tour Vik
Iceland Photography Tour Northern Lights
Iceland Photography Tour Thingvellir


  • Ultimate convenience – All you have to do is pack your bags, book your plane tickets & pay for your food, drink & extras.
  • Hotel accommodation, transport, entry fees and extra activities included.
  • Small group size (max 6) or private tailored tours for 4 people or less (contact us for more information).
  • No strict timetable, tailored to suit the group & current conditions but will always feature volcanoes, geothermals and glaciers.
  • Portfolio of images guaranteed.
  • Opportunity to witness & shoot the Aurora Borealis.
  • Comfortable 4×4 SUV transport


Iceland Photography Tour Fjarðabyggð
Iceland Photography Tour Krafla
Iceland Photography Tour Vestrahorn
Iceland Photography Tour Myvatn
Iceland Photography Tour Vatnajokull
1 day monster jeep glacier & highlands tour



Iceland is one of the most expensive destinations in the world and we have done our best to make this Extreme Light tour as affordable as possible. Pricing is at a bare minimum for rooms, car hire, tours & guidance without compromising on comfort, safety or your photographic opportunity.


We need everyone to be ready for collection from Keflavik International Airport by 17:00 on TBC. Icelandair operates daily flights from most European and US northeast capitals, making it very easy to get a flight from many places with many airlines.


The Tour ends TBC at Keflavik International Airport, onward travel to hotels or other destinations is at your own discretion.

Transport in Iceland

Safety and comfort are key issues on our photographic trips, which is why we will be using 4×4 6/7 seated vehicles, which provide enough space for everyone to be comfortable when travelling. The vehicle will be equipped with winter tyres (on our Winter & Autumn Tour). For comfort, the vehicle has comfortable reclining seats, air-conditioning and plenty of luggage space.


Only EU member countries and a few other 1st world countries are exempt of Visas for a tourism visit to Iceland. All of Iceland’s consular issues are handled by Denmark, which is where you need to go for a visa to visit Iceland.

Luggage Restrictions

If you keep to standard airline luggage restrictions, there are no restrictions imposed for the ground transport. You can have one big suitcase, a large camera bag and a handbag/laptop case.


  • Airfare to and from Iceland (unless requested at an additional cost).
  • Airport drop off at times other than specified on the last day of the tour.
  • Winter clothing and winter gear. (Gear List supplied on paying deposit).
  • Insurance. It is mandatory to insure yourself against physical injury, and highly recommended to insure your photo gear. Extreme Light Photo Tours will not be responsible in case of any personal injuries or damage to photographic gear as a result of an accident during the workshop. A good insurance policy can make a big difference should something happen, and ensure a safe return home.
  • All meals & drinks, these must be settled by you at each hotel.
  • Single room supplement £400


Our Extreme Light Tours are always dependent on weather, the Icelandic weather can be highly unpredictable and usually is unpredictable, which 90% of the time adds massive drama to our photography, which of course is why we love Iceland so much, however there are occasions when we can get caught out in weather that limits our movement around the island. Likewise, visits to ice caves & mountain highlands are dependent on favourable conditions, and indeed the ice caves themselves are not permanent and only accessible during winter tours. When it comes to the Northern Lights, while they are most likely to be seen between September and April, there is no guarantee that they will appear on a given day. There is however always plenty to see and do if conditions do not favour any part of our original plan.

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Tailored & Private Tours
4 People
Tailored & Private Tours
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